Large Aurora Porcelain Candle


Our Large Aurora Porcelain candle (12cm) is handcrafted with 24-karat gold flakes and is inspired by the beauty of the female body. This goddess will compliment your decor, coffee table, vanity table or even next to your favourite book collection. 


Our Aurora candle is made out of :

- Natural Soy wax and vegetable wax

- Organic candle wick 

- 24 kt real gold flakes 

- She is hand made in small batches, so she comes with slight imperfections in each batch. Making each candle unique to you. 

- Fragrance-free 

Caring for your Aurora Soy candle: 

- Whether you worship in your vanity table or burn her please put her on a small dish or tray to ensure she doesn't spillover. 

Our Aurora candle dimensions: 

- Height: 12 cm

Shipping info :

- Our Aurora candle will be dispatched in 5-7 working days, using Royal Mail Second class. There is only one of us making our goddess so please bear with us. 


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